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Do you suffer from stress incontinence, recently had prostate surgery or planning on having a prostectomy soon Let the Stud Trainer lead the way to your rehabilitation!

Rehabilitation for stress incontinence is a process which can be accelerated considerably by exercising the pelvic floor muscles. Several publications in this field show that kegel exercises can be instrumental in regaining continence and the benefits are greater the sooner you start to exercise.

The field of urology is slowly moving away from prescribing medication and surgery as frontline treatments for male incontinence. The research shows that as much as 80% of incontinence can be treated effectively with behavior modification and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles.

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"An Aid to Health "
"I had a prostate cancer scare last year, and want to do everything possible to avoid future problems. The StudTrainer is the perfect complement to my newfound diet and health regimen.  I'm already moving up to the next weight training level."

—Rafael R. Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic


StudTrainer is a registered and patent approved product from VIP Tech Inc Stop premature ejaculation with our natural penile enhancement traning program
Improve staying power, stop premature ejaculations with the StudTrainer
Welcome to KegelMale
Boost your sexual virility and strength with the StudTrainer BOOST CONFIDENCE
It's no secret that virility and strength are vital components of a man's identity. Confidence in one's sensual and sexual ability is unmistakable and flows through every level of a person's life. Today, men are no longer shy about embracing this important fact. As with any aspect of our mind and body, sexual fulfillment can be enhanced and renewed, but true and long-lasting improvement doesn't come in a pill.

The Studtrainer, through resistance training, gives you stronger, firmer erections, increased staying power, and control over your climax for prolonged, more intense orgasms.
For real results that stem from the body's vital sensual and sexual core and with results that truly last, the StudTrainer system is here. The Studtrainer, through resistance training, gives you stronger, firmer erections, increased staying power, and control over your climax for prolonged, more intense orgasms.

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Why Use The StudTrainer
The StudTrainer involves no drugs or gimmicks. It causes no side effects. It is a proven system of therapeutic male penile enhancement that works because it is built on sound scientific research.

Also, by capitalizing on the well-documented research of Dr. Arnold Kegel, who developed the Kegel exercise for naturally building the strength of the pubococcygeus muscle to prevent premature ejaculation problems during sex, the resistance training effectively helps men make urinary incontinence a thing of the past.

The Trainer's unique design makes effective use of rocking vibrations, oscillations that send waves through the entire pelvic area to build and accelerate your body core's natural erection rhythm. The Trainer develops naturally latent penis length and girth, allowing your penis to grow from deep within the core of your body. The Trainer targets the pubococcygeus muscle, which is responsible for the health of the pelvic floor, the base from which a man's erection stems. This gives you stronger, firmer erections, staying power, and control over your climax for prolonged, more intense orgasms.
REVERSE Urinary Incontinence
The Studtrainer is more than a resistance training device, it is an entire training system whose benefits extend to the entire body. Urinary incontinence is effectively reversed, and abdominal muscles tighten and the penis looks better with continued use.
The Stud Trainer system is highly affordable and comes with a No-Questions Asked, 30 day Money Back Return Policy. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Just compare the Stud Trainer with other products being offered today and see for yourself.
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stop premature ejaculation
Do I Need The StudTrainer
Yes. Because it will stop your premature ejaculation problems during sex, but only if you can bring added strength to your pubococcygeus muscle (aka the pc muscle) to hold back your orgasm and thus prevent your penis from ejaculating. You definately need the StudTrainer resistance training system to be able to stop premature ejaculations during sex for prolonged heightened sexual pleasure.
"Nothing Complicated "

"What I really like about the STUDTRAINER is that it's easy to use. Nothing complicated. The instructions are very easy to understand for a regular guy like me. I'm already seeing and feeling results."

—Robert P.
Manchester, NH
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The StudTrainer Manual
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