Premature Ejaculation and Psychotherapy

While we'd certainly like you to try our Trainer, we also want to be sure our product is what you really need. We do recognize that your mental and emotional state should also be addressed before starting any type of physical training program.

In many cases, sexual therapy, penile exercises, or doctor recommended medications can resolve premature ejaculation. However, if personal issues, such as conflict between you and your partner or other mental health problems are present, your doctor may recommend psychotherapy, as these appear to play a significant role in causing premature ejaculation.

This approach, also known as counseling or talk therapy, involves talking about your relationships and experiences with a mental health professional. These sessions can help you find effective ways of coping with and solving premature ejaculation problems. For many couples, talking with a therapist together may produce the best results.

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"No Longer Depressed "

I was depressed and beaten down before I started the Trainer regimen. After six weeks, I felt stronger and more confident with myself. I am on to something good here with my StudTrainer system and I sure am happy with the results thus far.

—Edward G., San Francisco, CA

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How does the Trainer work

The StudTrainer is a professionally engineered and scientifically designed system for enhancing penis erections. It works because it capitalizes on a break-through technique known as “rocking vibration.” This technique, which involves the principle of biomechanical oscillation, naturally strengthens and re-develops penis erections. Utilizing a selectable lightweight system of four precisely calibrated and polished 1-inch steel balls, each weighing exactly 2½ oz, the KegelMale trainer builds erectile strength and endurance with each session. Click here for more information on how the Trainer works.

How is the Trainer shipped

The StudTrainer is delivered in completely discreet packaging via USPS. Complete ordering and shipping information is available here.

What is the tunica albuginea and how does the trainer affect my erection

Tunica albuginea: The whitish membrane within that surrounds the spongy chambers (corpora cavernosa) in the penis and which helps to trap the blood in the corpora cavernosa, thereby sustaining erection. The term comes straight from the Latin tunica ("covering" or "coat") + albuginea ("white") = a covering that is white, like the white (albumen) of an egg.  It is the elasticity and overall size of the tunica albuginea that determine the length and the width of the penis.

Is this penile enhancement system hard to use

Not at all. Each StudTrainer system comes with easy-to-understand instructions as well as crystal-clear illustrations and animations that show you exactly what to do. Our engineers have designed the system so that the exercise technique (“penis pull-ups”) is remarkably simple. Penis pull-ups are performed 3 to 4 times a week, each penis pull-ups session consisting of three (3) sets of six (6) reps each, lasting 30 to 90 seconds total each session. View our training video and/or download the manual for more information.

What is atrophy

According to the msn Encarta® Dictionary, at·ro·phy [áttr Ə fee] is:

  1. wasting away:   the shrinking in size of some part or organ of the body, usually caused by injury, disease, or lack of use.
  2. lessening of ability:   decrease of functionality over a specific time period.


Can atrophy affect my erections

Yes. Unfortunately, atrophy often leads to male impotence.

How can I prevent erectile atrophy

Provided your health is reasonably good and you use the trainer regularly, atrophy will NEVER affect your erections.

Can atrophy affect the size of my penile erections

Yes.  Atrophy is one of the major causes of impotence and penis shrinkage.

Can I prevent impotence

Yes! Provided your health is reasonably good and you use the StudTrainer regularly, you will be able to maintain healthy robust penis erections throughout your entire life. Most importantly, the Studtrainer is safe, simple, and a completely natural penile enhancement training program.

I have a desk job and thus am not very active, so overall I'm out of shape. I think this is why I have weak erections.  Can the Studtrainer help me?

Yes! If you can achieve a weak and/or small penis erection, the StudTrainer can help you begin to naturally re-develop your penis erections at your own pace. Using its selectable lightweight system, you will begin to rejuvenate your penis erections and soon enjoy your true maximum potential for full rock-hard penis erections.

My physician has diagnosed me as completely impotent. My penis remains flaccid regardless of stimulation. Can the StudTrainer help me?

No. The system was not designed to correct this type of impotence or to treat any other medical or psychological conditions. If you have been diagnosed with this severe type of impotence, consider seeking a second opinion to see whether other health problems are involved. Other patients might be able to achieve erections by using one of the new wonder drugs such as Viagra®, Levitra®, or Cialis®.

But... It may still be possible for you to achieve benefits from using the StudTrainer by optimizing penis tumescence through the use of an erectile dysfuntion drug and, more importantly, by placing yourself in an environment that is perceptually sexually stimulating.

What are the risks of using the StudTrainer?

There is absolutely no physical risk in using the StudTrainer when you carefully follow the simple instructions and guidelines and use the system only on a penis erection. Of course, as with any physical exercise system, one must use common sense and avoid the mistakes of starting the program with excessive weight, increasing weight too quickly, or (most importantly) continuing a session to the point where pleasure ends and discomfort sets in.

Why should I invest time and money into the StudTrainer?

The StudTrainer is an all-natural self-improvement penis enhancement system that you control in the privacy of your home and at your own pace. The StudTrainer confers multiple benefits, both physical and psychological. Not only will you have a stronger and larger penis, you will enjoy more intense orgasms, you will have superior control over more powerful ejaculations, you will experience new and increased sensations of pleasure during sexual activity, you will build strength in your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, and your penis will have a healthier and more pleasing appearance.

I just purchased the StudTrainer. One question regarding the training:
Should I begin in a sitting position and do 3 sets of 6 reps, then move to a standing position for 3 sets of 6 reps, or should I choose one or the other (sitting or standing) positions and do just 3 sets of 6 reps Any advice here is welcome

The sitting position is very effective for the beginner. Yes, try to do at least 3 sets of 6 reps; then, if you want to continue, move to the leaning-back position, if possible. The leaning-back position is quite important and will correctly prepare your posture for the advanced standing position.


Does this product help with premature ejaculation? Also, approximately how much length can an average person expect to gain?

Yes, the StudTrainer will help you learn to control any premature ejaculation problems you may have, but this requires that you correctly follow the animations and instructions given in "Using the Trainer," located here. The Trainer develops naturally latent penis length and girth, allowing your penis to grow from deep within the core of your body. Each individual's results will vary because the growth occurs in millimeters for both length and girth. The Trainer targets the pubococcygeus muscle, which is responsible for the health of the pelvic floor, the base from which a man's erection stems. In time, using the Trainer will give you the strongest, firmest, hardest, and largest erections, staying power, and control over your climax for prolonged, more intense orgasms.