Stop Premature Ejaculation and Enjoy More Intense Orgasms With Our Natural Penile Enhancement Training Program

Using the Trainer, it is possible for men to have multiple orgasms. The easiest method is to use the StudTrainer device for men without dedicating years to studying the Kama Sutra and tantric sexuality to strengthen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. The PC muscle is the muscle responsible for contracting the prostate forcing semen to be ejaculated. This is a very weak muscle as it is not used but a few contractions each time a man ejaculates. By strengthening the PC muscle with the StudTrainer device and regimen, a man has the ability to have control during orgasm thus preventing premature ejaculation from occurring. Since ejaculation is what signals the body that sexual intercourse is complete, preventing premature ejaculation allows the penis to remain erect after an orgasm, thus allowing continued intercourse.

The Trainer device and regimen exercises and strengthens the PC muscle. The Trainer will target and control the PC muscle automatically when you contract your muscles to make your penis move up and down while using the StudTrainer device. This is the PC muscle exercise you want to do several times a week while using the StudTrainer device. Contract and release the PC muscle in sets, as many times as you comfortably can while using your Trainer. At first you may not be able to do more than 10-15 reps at a time, but you should be able to do several hundred penis pull-ups each session over time.

After using the Trainer for at least two or three weeks you should notice that your orgasms have greatly improved. At this point you're getting strength build-up from using the Trainer which will allow you to control your orgasms. As you feel your orgasm coming on, you tightly clench your PC muscle to prevent it from uncontrollably contracting. You will achieve success in controlling premature ejaculation because you are targeting the PC muscle with the proper use of the Trainer. Usually the first sign of success will be a partial ejaculation where you do ejaculate slightly but you don't really contract your PC muscle so that in a few seconds after this you can quickly have a powerful orgasm. Now that you can control and prevent premature ejaculation with use of the Trainer, you will then be able to achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculating.

While using the Trainer may seem like a lot of physical effort it is well worth it. As many men can attest to who are currently using the Trainer, each subsequent orgasm in a series is a more pleasurable experience. If you enjoy the feeling of an orgasm you will not believe how much better the third or fourth one in a series can be. You will also have the added advantage after using the StudTrainer by having complete control over your lovemaking, with the ability to go on as long as it takes to please your partner while experiencing several intense orgasms.

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"A Love Machine "

"My partner says The StudTrainer has turned me into a love-machine. TheStudTrainer is the greatest gift you can get for yourself. I highly recommend it."

Sam T., Chicago, IL

"No More Embarrassing U.I. "

"I used to have a terrible problem with U.I. [Editor's note: U.I. = "urinary incontinence" ] Well, not any more! After two months with the Trainer I no longer dread wearing light-colored pants, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Please thank the designer for me."

—Winston B., London, England

"Attracting Dates Now!"

"After a really energetic session, the Trainer has given me a sexy feeling about myself. I mean it's kind of selfish but a really hot session brings a certain glow about me to those I meet at the clubs. They must know I am pumped and packing because of how attracted they are to me now. No lie here - just a real power piece with lots of live ammo." 

Jerry S., New Orleans, LA

"Rapid Progress "

"I am glad to report that I am in my third month on the regimen (Routine 3). I am already growing larger with each session and my ejaculation is much healthier and flowing! I have multiple orgasms now, too!"

-- Bernie L.,
Sydney, Australia


"My Partner Likes To Watch! "

"My partner watches me exercise with the StudTrainer and our love-making sessions afterward have increased in variety and excitement! Thanks StudTrainer! "

Edmund M.,
Encino, CA

"No Longer Depressed "

"I was depressed and beaten down before I started the Trainer regimen. After six weeks, I felt stronger and more confident with myself. I am on to something good here with my system and I sure am happy with the results thus far."

—Edward G., San Francisco, CA

"We're Expecting! "

"I had a real problem with premature ejaculation, which really hampered our desire to start a family. Using the Trainer has helped me develop more control, along with the bonus perk of more overall volume and increased sperm count! We couldn't be happier with the results of using your Training system! "

—Jim and Kathy T., St.Louis, MO

"Before I Make My Move "

I use the Trainer a few hours before I begin my sex moves with my partner—and we are both much happier in the bedroom. I know it sounds corny but we have that certain afterglow back in our relationship!

—Richard L. ,
San Diego, CA